Ganpati Bappa Morya…Ganpati Visarjan Day

Ganesh Utsav (Festival of Ganesha) is celebrated with great enthusiasm and spirituality.  Ganesha the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune was welcomed in most Indian homes on 19th September 2012 this year.

Ganpati Idol made at home by  my mother in law with material which is Eco friendly

Few months before Ganesh Chaturthi, artistic clay models of Lord Ganesha are made for sale by specially skilled artisans. They are beautifully decorated and depict Lord Ganesh in poses. The size of these statues from small to may vary from 3/4 of an inch to over 70 feet.   The idols are then taken home by families or are installed in temporary structures  known as pandals by group of people.

Beautiful large idol of Ganesh

The festival last for 10 days and celebrated most in parts of Maharashtra and Goa.     The festival dates change every year as per the Hindu Calender.  This year the festival came to end on 29th September 2012.

Ganesha studded with jewelry

On the 10th day it is symbolic that Ganesha is going to his home in Mount Kailash.  He takes with him misfortunes of his devotees.  This day is known Ananta Chaturdashi (Ganpati Visarjan).  The streets fare full of people who are dancing, singing and enjoying every moment of that day.

I leave you with photos and videos taken on this day.  Hope you enjoy it as much  I enjoyed taking them !!

A beautiful Tribal dance from Maharashtra.

Ganesha travels by every possible mode that day. People’s head, hands, car, truck etc.

Lord Ganesha with his father “SHIVA” and mother “PARVATI”

Women dancing Lezim ( Instrument in their hands)

Dancing on the Streets

Taking Ganesha like a KING

The excitement has no Age limits


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